It’s Crazy Rich Asians meets Friends!
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the glittering world of Manhattan's high-rises, where love, friendship, and societal expectations collide?
What happens when one woman takes on the corrupt underbelly of high finance?
Valentina Vittorio seeks revenge and justice, infiltrating the deceitful world of high finance within JM Wen International, a seemingly reputable powerhouse hiding a criminal empire. As she delves deeper, Valentina uncovers deception, organized crime, and danger at every turn. Caught between a relentless security chief, a cunning Interpol agent, and a ruthless gang lord, she must rely on her wits to distinguish friends from foes. With the backdrop of real-world financial scandals, Valentina's story reflects the ongoing struggles of our time, offering a gripping and timely thriller.
What people are saying
Catch a Falling Knife" is a novel of excesses in wealth, greed, and violence, including several innovative ways of murdering people. The tightly-woven narrative is fast-paced . . . insights into high-stakes swindling, including stock manipulations as well as computer hacking, make this more than a high-end gangster shoot-em-up.
San Francisco Book Review
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In this gripping tale of revenge and redemption, Valentina Vittorio takes on the treacherous world of high finance to expose the heartless individual who destroyed her family. Determined to bring justice to her father's memory, Valentina infiltrates the prestigious JM Wen International, a seemingly legitimate powerhouse hiding a sinister empire fueled by crime and corruption.
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About the Author
Dr. Vincent DeFilippo, DBA, an international financier and former CEO of a private equity fund in Hong Kong, where he aided numerous executives and businesses in raising billions of dollars in capital. Currently residing in New York, he is a Professor at Monroe College, where he mentors and teaches young people to achieve their goals. Driven by his passion for writing and storytelling, he captivates readers with his fiction works and provides practical business and financial advice through his non-fiction books.
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